Since 2000, my country’s automobile industry has shown rapid development. With the appearance of automobiles, it has greatly facilitated people’s travel and improved people’s production and living efficiency. Orientflex , as a manufacturer specializing in the production of automobile rubber parts for 15 years, is committed to providing high-quality rubber products for major automobile manufacturers. EPDM materials are the most widely used in automotive rubber parts. Do you know why?

1. First of all, one of the biggest advantages of EPDM rubber material is that it has good aging resistance and UV resistance. Automobiles often be exposed to the outdoor environment, directly irradiated by sunlight, and in contact with the air. Therefore, a material with good aging resistance and UV resistance is required. EPDM also has very good air tightness, so it is also used. It is widely used in the field of waterproof sealing of automobile doors, windows and antennas, and has very good sealing and shock absorption effects.

2. Secondly, the price of EPDM rubber materials is stable, the supply is sufficient, and the molding process is mature and diverse. Different processing technologies can be used according to the design requirements of rubber products, such as molding, injection, extrusion, foaming, etc. It is also one of the reasons for its wide application.

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