Food Grade Silicone Sheet

Silicone Sheets are also fully FDA and EC complaint. This ensures that our product is safe for use in food and beverage contact applications.

★ Temperature: -60℃ up to +200℃.
★ Silicone offers excellent resistance to high temperatures.
★ Excellent heat and flame resistance.
★ Good aging and weathering characteristics.

Food Safe Silicone Sheet
1-Food Safe Silicone Sheet

Aside from the excellent heat resistance, this product also offers good tensile strength and tear resistance. This makes it perfect for use in highly demanding or extreme conditions.

Exceptional electrical, moisture and chemical resistance, extremely stable and suitable for using with many acids and alkalis. Retains high flexibility.

Silicone Rubber Sheet Specification

Code Specification Hardness (Shore A) Specific Gravity (G/CM³) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation at Break (%) Color
SIF-60125 FDA Silicone 60 1.25 6 250 White | Trans | Blue | Red

Rubber sheet thickness, color, packaging, etc. can be customized according to customer needs

1mm upto 100mm | 1mm-20mm in roll | 20mm-50mm in sheet | Custom sizes available

FDA food grade silicone Application

Food contact applications, pharmaceutical and other clean industries.

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