Natural Rubber has many good characteristics – high resilience, good compression set, very good friction surface, high tear strength, low crack growth and good low temperature properties.

★ Temperature: -30°C up to +70°C.
★ Low compression set, great resilience and abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and tear resistance.
★ Good surface friction and shock absorption.
★ Resistance organic salts, ammonia, acids, and alkali solutions.

Natural Rubber Sheet
black natural rubber sheet
1-Natural Rubber Sheet

One of the most common reasons natural rubber is such a valued material is its high coefficient of friction. A high coefficient of friction allows rubber to retain its ability to grip even when coming into contact with moisture.

More importantly, it is a non marking rubber. This means that the material will leave less residue on whatever surface it may be applied to making natural gum rubber one of the most versatile natural materials available.

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