Conductive Rubber Sheet

Conductive rubber sheet is a type of rubber material that possesses electrical conductivity. It is commonly used in applications where electrical conductivity is required, such as in the electronics industry or in static control environments.

Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm;
Width: 0.5m-1.2m;
Length: 10m-20m.
Colors available: green, blue, gray (customizable according to customer requirements).

Conductive Rubber Sheet
electrically conductive silicone sheet
Green Conductive Rubber Sheet
electrically conductive rubber sheet

Conductive Rubber Sheet Features

  1. It is made of anti-static (conductive) materials and static dissipative materials.
  2. A dual-layer composite structure, with the surface layer being the dissipative static layer and the bottom layer being the conductive layer.
  3. Long-lasting durability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical solvent resistance, as well as wear resistance and easy cleaning.

Conductive Rubber Sheet Spec

It is suitable for production workshops and advanced laboratories in the microelectronics industry, including electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, and integrated circuits. It is mainly used for table padding, workstation surfaces, shelves, and floor mats, suitable for various conditions and environments. It is also used in static control environments to prevent static electricity buildup and discharge.

We can customize conductive rubber sheets to meet specific requirements regarding size, thickness, and electrical conductivity. Please provide your desired specifications for a tailored solution.

Packaged in woven bags with inner plastic film bags. Packaging can be done by weight or fixed length according to customer requirements.

Electrically Conductive Rubber Sheet Maintenance And Care

Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure the longevity and fire-resistant properties of fire retardant sheeting. Regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs or replacements of damaged sections are important to maintain its effectiveness.

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