Checked Rubber Stable Mat

The Checked Rubber Stable Mat provides an excellent non-slip surface. checker top surface provides traction and prevents animal getting injury from slipping.Grooved bottom design is effective for drainage. 

Custom sizes available
Color: Black

Checked Rubber Stable Mat

Checked Rubber Stable Mats Features

  1. Abrasion resistance
  2. Can be cut into interlock pattern
  3. Anti-aging performance
  4. Anti-slip and shock absorption
  5. Easy to clean with little maintenance
  6. Size and customization

Technical Specification

Thickness Length Width Standard Tensile Strength ( MPA )
10mm 1830mm 1220mm
12mm 1830mm 1220mm 2.5-5MPA
17mm 1830mm 1220mm
10mm 2000mm 1000mm
12mm 2000mm 1000mm
15mm 2000mm 1000mm
17mm 2000mm 1000mm


  1. Bedding in horse stable
  2. Cattle sheds
  3. Calf & pig pens
  4. Heavy work areas
  5. Truck beds

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