TPE sheet is environmentally friendly, passed REACH standard, no odor, consistent color, beautiful, good waterproof and anti-slip, good wear and aging resistance.

Material: TPE
Color: black,green,red,blue,gray,yellow,brown,etc.(Customized)
Size(m): ≤1.8×10-30
Ozone resistance :Good
Weather resistance: Good
Thickness(mm): 3-8

tpe sheet
thermoplastic elastomer sheets
thermoplastic rubber sheet
tpe sheets


  1. Material-Thermoplastic Elastomer
  2. Very good aging and UV-resistant
  3. Very good anti-slip and elasticity
  4. Environmental and nontoxic (Passed Reach/ROHS/PAHS free standard)
  5. Washable and easy to maintain
  6. Reduce noise and scratch resistant properties
  7. Excellet water vapour
  8. Good abrasive resistant

TPE Rubber Sheet Specification

Polymer Type TPE
Hardness ISO48-2010 65+/-5
Tensile Strength(Mpa) ISO 37- 2011
Elongation at Break (%) ISO 37-2011 300 
Specific gravity(g/cm³)
Tear resistance(KN/M) 20 
Weight 4mm (KG) ≈2.6
Weight 5mm (KG) ≈3.4
Weight 6mm (KG) ≈4.2
Weight 7mm (KG) ≈5.0
Weight 8mm (KG) ≈5.8
Operating Temperatures minus 30 to + 70

Rubber sheet thickness, color, packaging, etc. can be customized according to customer needs

*Size by piece
Thickness: 4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm
Size: 60cm*90cm

*Size by roll
Thickness: 4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm
Width: ≤1.8m
Length: 10m/15m/20m

Thermoplastic Rubber Sheet Application

This door mat excellent resistance to water and slippery, good looking and protective, widely use for hotels, outdoor mat, bathroom mat, walk mat etc. Suitable for indoor installations,aisles,locker rooms, industrial sites,warehouses, with no specific chemical or mechanical requirements.

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