Ribbed Hammer Cow Mat is typically used in agricultural settings, such as dairy farms or livestock barns, to provide comfort and support to cows or other animals.

Color: Black
Custom sizes available

Ribbed Hammer Cow Mat
Ribbed Hammer Cow Mat -1
Ribbed Hammer Cow Mats
black Ribbed Hammer Cow Mat

Ribbed Hammer Cow Mats Features

  1. Slip resistance, anti-fall protection
  2. Safety and hygiene
  3. Insulation, and disease prevention
  4. Easy to clean with little maintenance
  5. Size and customization

Ribbed Hammer Cow Mats Design Concept

Design Concept

Ribbed Hammer Cow Mats Application

Widely used for bed mats, aisle mats, cow fitness mats, maternity bed mats, waiting area mats, cow return passage mats, and milking parlor exterior mats.

Ribbed Hammer Cow Mat appllication

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