CR rubber sheet, also known as chloroprene rubber sheet is a synthetic material that offers excellent resistance to ageing, ozone and weathering and is commonly used in external applications for gaskets, linings.

★ Good performance of sealability and anti-swelling.
★ Good resistance to heat, ozone and weather.
★Good resistance to weathering, ageing, inorganic, salts, acids, ozone and animal/ vegetable oil
★ Moderate resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons.
★ Temperature: -30°C up to +70°C.

CR neoprene rubber
CR Rubber Sheet
chloroprene rubber sheets

Neoprene Rubber Sheet provides moderate resistance to animal and vegetable oils and inorganic salts, but is not suitable for use with aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones.

Neoprene is know for its resistance to oil, gasoline, sunlight, ozone and oxidation; however, there are other polymers that have better resistance to these same elements. CR’s most important advantage is its ability to combine these properties moderately into one all-purpose polymer.

Shore Hardness: 65° ± 5°.

CR Rubber Specification

Code Specification Hardness (Shore A) Specific Gravity (G/CM³) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation at Break (%) Color
CR-65150 Economy Grade 65 1.50 3 200 Black
CR-50135 Soft CR 50 1.35 5 300 Black
CR-65145 Commercial Grade 65 1.45 4 250 Black
CR-65135 High Grade 65 1.35 5 300 Black
CR-60140 High Grade 60 1.40 10 350 Black

Rubber sheet thickness, color, packaging, etc. can be customized according to customer needs

1mm upto 100mm | 1mm-20mm in roll | 20mm-50mm in sheet | Custom sizes available

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