Orientflex offered mining rubber sheet has excellent abrasion resistance and can withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations. It provides long-lasting durability and minimizes the need for frequent replacement.

Mining Rubber Sheet

Mining rubber sheet is a rubber material specifically designed for mining applications. It has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance to meet the harsh conditions and challenges of the mining work environment. Mining rubber sheet is commonly used to protect and line mining equipment, structures and pipes to extend their service life and improve operational efficiency.

OrientFlex offers a variety of different types of mining sheets that are meant for specific purposes.

Rubber Pulley Lagging

Mining Rubber Sheets

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheets are made of natural rubber and applied to the surface of equipment or structures to prevent damage from abrasion, corrosion, impact or other forms of wear.

Rubber Pulley Lagging

Rubber Pulley Lagging

Rubber pulley lagging is made of high-quality rubber material that resists wear, tear and other forms of damage.

Sandwich Rubber

Sandwich Rubber Sheet

The sandwich rubber sheet has a three-layer structure. The outer layer is black to help clean and scratch the surface, while the middle layer is green for flexibility and impact resistance.

Skirt Board Rubber

Skirt Board Rubber

Skirt Board Rubber is a sealing component made of SBR or natural rubber. It is commonly used in conveyor systems to prevent material from spilling or escaping from the side of the conveyor belt.

Mining Rubber Sheet Products Details

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet
Rubber Pulley Lagging
Sandwich Rubber Sheet

Mining Rubber Sheets Feature

1. Wear resistant
2. Corrosion resistant
3. Tear resistant
4. Impact resistant
5. Shock absorbing

Mining Rubber Sheets Applications

Conveyor systems: mining rubber sheet is widely used in conveyor belt systems to prevent wear and impact. It ensures smooth material transfer and extends the life of conveyor components, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Chutes and hoppers: Mining rubber sheeting is used to line chutes and hoppers, providing impact resistance and protection against abrasive materials. It prevents damage to these critical components and maintains their efficiency and longevity.

Tank and pipe linings: Mining rubber sheeting is used as a protective lining for tanks, pipes and other equipment that comes into contact with abrasive materials or corrosive chemicals. It acts as a barrier to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the infrastructure.

Equipment protection: Mining rubber sheeting is used to line and protect a variety of mining equipment, such as screens, crushers and mills. It protects against wear, impact and chemical corrosion, thereby maintaining the performance and longevity of these valuable assets.

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