Cloth Inserted Rubber Sheet

The Cloth Inserted Rubber Sheet can be produced to 2m width,with woven cloth inseted for add strength and tear resistance.Can be smooth or textured surface.It can be widely applcated in many field.

Material: High quality rubber with fabric reinforcement
Thickness: Available in various thicknesses to meet different requirements, can be produced up to 2m wide
Width and length: Can be customized to meet specific dimensions
Tensile strength: Excellent tensile strength for demanding applications
Color: Typically black, but custom options are available
Finish: smooth or fabric textured finishes available upon request

cloth inserted rubber sheet
cloth rubber sheet
balck cloth inserted rubber sheet
Cloth Inserted Sheet

Cloth Inserted Rubber Sheet Features

  1. Medium pressure
  2. Strong tensile strength, minimal deformation
  3. Waterproof, shock absorption
  4. Good performance in sealing
  5. Resisting erosion

Cloth Inserted Sheet Spec




Standard Tensile Strength ( MPA )





Horse arenas,Gaskets,Matting for protection

We can customize conductive rubber sheets to meet specific requirements regarding size, thickness, and electrical conductivity. Please provide your desired specifications for a tailored solution.

Packaged in woven bags with inner plastic film bags. Packaging can be done by weight or fixed length according to customer requirements.

Why Choose Cloth Rubber Sheet?

1. Unparalleled durability: The combination of high quality rubber and fabric reinforcement creates a sheet that is resistant to abrasion, tearing and puncturing, ensuring it remains durable even in harsh environments.

2. Superior strength: With fabric reinforcement, our rubber sheets offer superior tensile strength, providing additional support and stability. They can withstand heavy loads, impacts and stretching, making them ideal for applications where strength and flexibility are required.

3. Customizable options: Customizable options are available, including thickness, width, length and finish. This allows you to tailor the product to your specific needs and ensures a perfect fit for your application.

4. Versatility of applications: Available for a variety of industries and applications. Whether you need them to seal machinery, as conveyor belts, or for automotive gaskets, these sheets offer a reliable solution for every requirement.

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