Rubber is the main material of the rubber sheet. It can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing materials. And it has high hardness, general physical and mechanical properties. What’s more, it can work in the air with low pressure and temperature of 20°~+140℃.
Rubber sheets have many colors, such as black, gray, green, blue, etc.

What is the application of rubber sheet ?

Rubber sheet is a widely used material with high elasticity and durability. It uses natural or synthetic rubber as raw material for the manufacture of various products. Applied to industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and housing ground.

Industrial and mining enterprises
Rubber sheets are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. For example, in chemical enterprises, rubber sheets can be used for pipeline lining of corrosive media to prevent chemical substances from corroding pipelines. In mining enterprises, rubber sheets can be used for dustproof, waterproof and sound insulation, such as rubber dustproof mats used in open pit mines, to reduce the pollution of mine dust to the environment and the injury of workers.

transportation sector
Rubber sheets are also widely used in the transportation sector. For example, in railway transportation, rubber sheets can be used to manufacture railway sound insulation pads, buffer pads and elastic supports to reduce noise and vibration when trains are running. In road transportation, rubber sheets can be used to make crash barriers, speed bumps and road anti-slip mats to improve road safety and traffic flow.

house ground
Rubber sheets are also widely used on the ground of houses. For example, in gymnasiums, children’s playgrounds, etc., rubber sheets can be used to make floor mats, sports floors, and anti-drop mats to improve the anti-slip and cushioning properties of the ground. Reduce the risk of falls and injuries. In addition, in places such as medical facilities and laboratories, rubber sheets can also be used for anti-slip and anti-corrosion floors.

Classification of rubber sheets

1、According to whether or not to clip media,it has pure rubber sheets and clip cloth, clip metal skeleton layer rubber sheets and other varieties.
2、According to the use. It has industrial rubber sheets and rubber flooring.
3、According to physical and chemical properties, it has laminated cloth rubber sheets, oil-resistant rubber sheets,etc.
4、According to the color it has black rubber sheets, green rubber sheets and other color rubber sheets.
5、 According to the surface treatment, it has cloth rubber sheet, extra wide rubber sheets.

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