The insulation rubber sheet is one of the insulating sheets, It is a rubber sheet with a large volume resistivity and resistance to electrical breakdown. The material is mainly make of non-polar rubber with excellent insulating properties such as NR and SBR.
The commonly used colors of insulating rubber sheets are black, red, green, etc. The appearance of insulating rubber sheet is flat, striped and round button. The thickness varies from 3mm to 12mm according to the breakdown voltage. The insulation performance of the insulating rubber sheet will divide into various specifications from 5KV to 35KV.
Compared with other rubber sheet, the insulating rubber sheet has the advantages of good elasticity, superior anti-skid performance, good waterproofness, and easy bedding. Now it gradually replace traditional insulating materials such as ceramics, wood, glass, and plastic. It is an insulating floor mat mainly used for ground laying in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, etc. And is widely recognize and welcome in the market.
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