Rubber sheet is a sheet-like product with a certain thickness and a large area made by vulcanization with rubber as the main material (which may contain reinforcing materials such as fabric and metal sheet), referred to as rubber sheet. Rubber sheets are divided into metal skeleton layer rubber sheets, cloth rubber sheets, insulating rubber sheets, and striped non-slip rubber sheets.

According to different usage conditions and different environments, according to physical properties and chemical properties, the process vulcanization method is selected for production and processing. The rubber sheet has high hardness and general physical and mechanical properties, and can work in the air with low pressure and temperature of 20°~+140°C. The rubber sheet is made by calendering and extruding the compounded rubber, vulcanized with a flat vulcanizer or continuously vulcanized with a drum vulcanizer. Color: black, gray, green, blue, etc.

What are the uses of rubber sheet?

Rubber sheets are mainly used in military, aviation, industrial and construction industries. According to its use characteristics, it is suitable for equipment shock absorption, sealing, gasket and oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and insulation purposes. In the industrial industry, rubber sheets are mainly used for anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, impact-resistant protection of their equipment and devices, such as thermal power plant desulfurization systems and water treatment anti-corrosion rubber sheets are mainly used for anti-corrosion. , Impact-resistant protection of its equipment and related pipeline equipment, can extend the service life of its equipment. In the cultural and educational system, it is generally used for printing plate making.

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