When purchasing rubber sheets, we can choose suitable rubber sheets according to our different needs and uses. So how to choose a good quality rubber sheet among so many rubber sheets? What about a rubber sheet with high cost performance? These are some common questions we buy when buying rubber sheets.

  1. Check the appearance quality of the rubber sheet. First of all, look at the color. The natural rubber sheet is golden in color, and the whole body is translucent. The carbonized rubber sheet is bronze or brown, uniform in color and glossy.
    2.Second, check the paint quality of the rubber sheet. Place the floor in the light to see if there are bubbles, pitting, or orange peel on the surface. Look at the paint surface is rich, full, smooth.
  2. Check whether the structure of the rubber sheet is symmetrical and balanced. If it conforms to the structure, it is stable.
  3. Check whether the floor layer of the rubber sheet is tightly glued with the layers,break it with both hands.

The above is what we share with you in detail about the knowledge of rubber sheet. If you have any questions about the rubber sheet in the future, you can contact us directly.