There will be various defense measures in our life, such as: fire prevention. There are many fire-resistant materials, and flame-retardant rubber sheet is one of them. The flame retardant rubber sheet effectively avoids static electricity during the operation of the equipment, has self-extinguishing when away from fire. It is especially suitable for safety requirements such as coal mines (the surface of conveyor rollers is covered with rubber).

Features of fire retardant rubber sheet

It has the characteristics of delaying ignition, reducing the speed of flame propagation, and self-extinguishing from fire.

  1. When exposed to moisture or water or the temperature increases, the change is small.
    2 Surface properties: Comb water, non-stick to many materials, can play a role in isolation.
  2. High temperature resistance (250-300°C) and low temperature resistance (-40-60°C) performance.
  3. Have good performance stability.
  4. Small resilience and permanent deformation.
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