What is rubber sheet? Rubber sheet is a sheet-like product with certain thickness and large area, which is made of rubber as the main material (which may contain fabrics, metal sheets and other reinforcing materials) after vulcanization.

BLACK CR Rubber Sheet

What kind of rubber sheet can ORIEBFLEX supply? Rubber sheet, commonly used as rubber floor,it has moderate elasticity, the minimum friction coefficient and shock absorption capacity suitable for people to walk or exercise, Safety protection performance is both functional and decorative.Easy to clean and strong stain resistance. Non-toxic, non-polluting, non-radioactive, non-mold, non-worm-eaten.

clear silicone rubber sheets

The protection of rubber sheets for the elderly and children, It overcomes the shortcomings of hard bricks, and enables users to always be in a safe and comfortable physiological and psychological state when walking or moving, with comfortable feet and a relaxed body and mind. It is used to lay the sports field, which can not only better display the skills of the competitors, but also reduce the possible damage to the human body such as jumping and equipment sports to a minimum. Laying in the sports venues for the elderly and children can play a good role in protecting the safety of the elderly and children.

OrientFlex has many years of experience in the production and design of rubber sheets. Guaranteed product quality, price concessions, You are the most reliable manufacturer of Chinese rubber sheets in China. Welcome inquire!

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