Rubber sheet is a sheet-like product made of rubber as the main raw material. It can be used as vehicle flooring sheet, printing sheet, various acid, alkali and oil resistant protection sheets. The unvulcanized rubber sheet can be used as semi-finished products to make various model products, balls and toys, etc.

Rubber sheets are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and housing floors. It is used as sealing rings, gaskets, door and window seals and for laying workbenches and floors. Rubber sheet is mainly used in aviation, industry and construction industries. According to their characteristics, they are suitable for equipment damping, sealing and oil, acid and alkali resistance and insulation.

In the industrial industry, rubber sheets are mainly used in anti-corrosion, wear resistance to protect their equipment and devices. In the mining industry its rubber sheets are mainly to protect their equipment and related pipeline equipment, to extend the service life of their equipment. In the cultural and educational system is generally used for printing plates.

The above is what we share with you about the knowledge of rubber Sheets. If you have any questions about rubber sheet in the future, please feel free to contact us, I would like to solve questions for you about products.

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