Transportation promotes the industrial development of a country. The rubber industry develops along with the automobile industry. At the same time, rubber is also widely used in the automobile industry. Let’s take a look together.
1. The performance of the silicone rubber sheet produced by ORIENTFLEX.

The rubber sheet has high hardness and general physical and mechanical properties and can work in the air with low pressure and temperature of 20°~+140°C. The rubber sheet is made by calendering and extruding the compounded rubber, vulcanized with a flat vulcanizing machine or continuously vulcanized with a drum vulcanizing machine. Widely used in the transportation sector.

2. The Application of Rubber Sheets in Transport.

2.1 As a means of transportation, tires are a major accessory, in addition to the production of ordinary tires, radial tires and tubeless tires have also been vigorously developed. Some subways also use rubber tires.

2.2 The promotion and application of rubber spring reduction products for railway vehicles and automobiles, air-tight rubber.

2.3 Large stores, stations, and subways are also using manned conveyor belts.

2.4 There are also hovercraft and hovercraft made of rubber.

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