Neoprene(CR rubber sheet)is also known as a multifunctional rubber in the industry because of good properties. Neoprene rubber has outstanding advantages in physical properties such as oil, heat, flame resistance. It also has good chemical properties such as inorganic acid and corrosion resistance.

Neoprene has very stable structure. It is stable in non-polar solvents and has good air tightness. When neoprene catches fire, it releases hydrogen chloride to prevent combustion. Therefore, as long as the fire source is cut off, the burning neoprene will extinguish itself. In addition, it has a very high bond strength and a wide range of uses. Therefore, in synthetic rubber adhesives, neoprene account for about 80%.

neoprene insulation sheets
neoprene sheets

But neoprene still has some disadvantages. For example, its cold resistance and electrical insulation are poor, which limits the use of neoprene in some aspects. In addition, there is a prominent disadvantage that storage stability very poor, the hardness will increase if the storage time is longer. At room temperature, the storage period of general types of neoprene is less than 10 months, which greatly limits the use.

The above is what we share with you in detail about the knowledge of Neoprene Sheets. If you have any questions about rubber sheet in the future, please feel free to contact us, I would like to solve questions for you about products.

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