The operation range of cloth rubber sheet is quite rich, and the quality also very high-quality. In the following content, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of rubber sheet with cloth to you. I hope to be of help to you.
Some industries and factories use Rubber sheet with cloth. It has the characteristics of self-extinguishing from the fire, slowing down the fire and reducing the rate of fire spread.
Its working environment is comfortable and relatively high. Our manufacturer use the materials are mixed coking, and are fit and shaped through mechanical calendering. The product can be divided according to the application field, which is industrial rubber sheet and rubber floor.
In addition, the types of rubber sheet are completely different, different types cannot be stored together. Even due to weather changes and influence of temperature and humidity in the room, part of its composition can be changed.
The above is what we share with you in detail about Rubber sheet. If you have any questions about rubber sheet in the future, please feel free to contact us–Orientflex , I would like to solve questions for you about products.