The closed cell types of sponge rubber sheet are great for high-pressure applications where superior compression strength is needed. This particular type of closed cell sponge rubber is made using EPDM material.

EPDM rubber is a very popular type of synthetic elastomer that is great for use in outdoor conditions.

It has a superior level of resistance against common hazards such as UV rays and ozone. As a result, this closed cell EPDM sponge rubber is excellent for any application that requires outdoor usage.

This feature makes this type of EPDM closed foam rubber sponge ideal for use as a sealing or gasketing option.

Shore Hardness: 39° by 70°

Sponge Rubber Sheet Specification

Code Specification Hardness (Shore A) Specific Gravity (G/CM³) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation at Break (%) Color
SEP-3008 High Grade 30 0.8     Black
SSB-3008 High Grade 30 0.8     Black

Standard Thickness: 2mm upto 50mm | 1mm-20mm in roll | 20mm-50mm in sheet | Custom sizes available