With the rapid development of China’s automobile manufacturing industry, the application of EPDM in automobiles has increased steadily, due to its good high and low temperature resistance and excellent weather resistance, and it has obtained good development opportunities.

What kind of EDPM rubber sheet Orientflex can provide?

Orientflex can provide EPDM rubber developing in the direction of high strength, high and low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, shock absorption sealing, non-toxic and harmless, low odor and environmental protection in different application fields.

The application of EDPM rubber sheet

2.1 The application of EDPM rubber shock absorption, as a shock absorption material, has good fatigue resistance and aging resistance.

2.2 The application of EPDM in tires, EPDM rubber has excellent aging resistance, mud water resistance and good low temperature flexibility, and is suitable for automobile tire sidewall rubber.