NBR Rubber Sheet is is a synthetic material that is used in a wide range of applications due to its resistance to most petroleum based fluids, oils and greases.

Nitrile offers moderate mechanical properties and has satisfactory resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons, but is not suitable for use with ketones.

Excellent weathering, ozone, and abrasion resistance. Combines the chemical resistance of natural rubber with oil resistance, weathering and ozone resistance properties at lower tensile strength. Ideal for demanding automotive components such as fuel and oil handling seals, as well as other applications with significant exposure to chemicals, acids and bases.

NBR Rubber Sheet Specification

Code Specification Hardness (Shore A) Specific Gravity (G/CM³) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation at Break (%) Color
NB-65150 Economy Grade 65 1.50 3 200 Black
NB-50140 Soft NBR 50 1.40 4 250 Black
NB-65145 Commercial Grade 65 1.45 3 250 Black
NB-65135 High Grade 65 1.35 5 300 Black
NB-60135 High Grade 60 1.35 10 350 Black

Standard Thickness: 1mm upto 100mm | 1mm-20mm in roll | 20mm-50mm in sheet | Custom sizes available