Insertion Rubber Sheet is manufactured from a blend of natural and styrene-butadiene rubber (NR / SBR) with an encapsulated single ply cotton reinforcement. The fabric insert helps to prevent stretching and provides additional strength and tear resistance compared to standard commercial quality grades.

This rubber is commercial quality and is suitable for use in air, hot water and hydraulic services. Due to its versatility and overall great durability it is a great product to be used as a gasket material from its ability to handle high compression loads.

Insertion Rubber Sheet Specification

Code Specification Hardness (Shore A) Specific Gravity (G/CM³) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation at Break (%) Color
SB-65150 Economy Grade 65 1.50 3 200 Black
SB-50135 Soft SBR 50 1.35 4 250 Black
SB-65145 Commercial Grade 65 1.45 4 250 Black
SB-65135 High Grade 65 1.35 5 300 Black
SB-60130 High Grade 60 1.30 10 350 Black

Standard Thickness: 1mm upto 100mm | 1mm-20mm in roll | 20mm-50mm in sheet | Custom sizes available