Industrial grade silicone rubber sheet

Product description:

We use raw materials (with the latest technology to add negative ions, silver ions, etc.) to produce the silica gel plate, colorful, smooth surface, high transparency, excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, non-toxic environmental protection, odorless, high strength, resistance Tear, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, aging resistance, and excellent insulation and so on.

Product Features:

1, the thickness of the optional

2, the color of the adjustable

3, the ease of construction

4, the stability of the quality

5, good recoil

6、excellent slip resistance

Basic product parameters:

*: Pressure resistance: 4.0KV-10KV

*: Operating temperature: -60-220 degrees

*: Specific gravity: 1.3

*: Hardness: 40-90 degrees

*:Extensibility: 300%-600%

*: Tear strength: 22 Kn/m

Product specification:

Specification one: thickness: 0.1mm thick to 1.0mm thick

Width: 100mm wide to 1000mm wide

Length: coil (infinite length, conventional 50m roll)

Specification II: Thickness: 1mm thick to 20mm thick

Width: 1000mm wide to 3000mm wide

Length: coil (infinite length, conventional 100KG roll)


Conventional colors are translucent, highly transparent, and black. Other colors can be customized according to customers’ drawings and drawings, such as (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)… Our company has colored card books, and there are more than 700 colors for customers to choose.


Punching gaskets, gaskets, seals, sealing performance, for pharmaceutical, industrial and food industries, and suitable for environments with high pressure requirements.

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