Silicone rubber sheet for solar laminator

Uses qualified raw material of a world-famous brand for the high tear-resistant silicon rubber sheet and carries out technical cooperation with professional companies domestically and abroad. Keqiang adopts advanced techniques and special equipment, large drum-type vulcanization unit, in the development of the product, which has a high level of stability, a good evenness and reliability. Specially used for solar energy laminator, etc.

According to specific working conditions and lose-efficacy forms of solar laminated sheet, Keqiang develops the second generation silicone rubber sheet. Based on the former silicone rubber sheet, this one brings in the green environmental reinforcing material which is acid resistant, chemical resistant, high temperature resistant,so the tensile strength, tearing strength, and dimensional stability of the silicone rubber sheet are greatly improved, then the lifetime is longer. The advantage of the silicone rubber sheet is that even if it is used to the extreme, the solar module will not be damaged.

The third generation silicone rubber sheet has great improvement on the chemical resistant and ageing resistant property, especially on the high resistance to the EVA volatile matter, then the lifetime can be longer.

The fourth product’s working surface uses fluorine silicone rubber, it has excellent acid-resistance, the corrosion caused by EVA volatile is almost zero, it has better temperature resistance, can meet the needs of high temperature curing process.

Technical data:

Silicone rubber sheet for solar laminator 1                    Silicone rubber sheet for solar laminator 1

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