Loading of Rubber Sheet: will be Delivered to the Client

We, Orientflex is loading the rubber sheets products to our client. In this piece, the rubber sheets will be introduced to you. Concerning the rubber sheets’ construction and how do we produce the rubber sheets, here is the explanation. The production process of the rubber sheets is going through rubber mixing, calendering, vulcanization, cutting, etc. The final rubber sheet product could rather contain fabric or metal sheets reinforcements, or no reinforcements, according to the application. The rubber sheets with reinforcements, how many layers reinforced can be customized. The rubber sheets generally show high hardness, and they are widely used for sealing rubber pads, window and door sealing, laying workbenches etc. in industries, mines, transportation industries, etc. The hardness can be customized as well (55, 65, or 75 ShoreA), the error is less than 5.

Rubber Sheet

Our rubber sheets’ advantages contain packaging and precise. You can see from the picture, how we pack the rubber sheets. The rubber sheets are coiled and packed in the plastic film and then they are packed by polywoven bad and loaded onto the pallets. Of course the packaging will be according to the customers’ needs. In addition, how do we guarantee the rubber sheet size’s accuracy? We use flywheel and on-demand cutters to cut the rubber sheets into accuracy and percise sizes based on customers’ requirements. With regard to the pallet, we can use the European standard pallets with IPPC mark, and provide packing declearance service if the customer required. We exported our rubber sheet to the markets including Australia, Europe, etc. The quality is always guaranteed.

There are multiple color choices of the rubber sheets, including black, red, white, yellow, blue, etc. Basically you can choose any color you need. According to the physical and chemical properties, the rubber sheets can be catagrized into oil-resistant rubber sheet, food grade rubber sheet, acid and alkali-resistant rubber sheets, anti-slip rubber sheet, etc. You can choose based on your application needs. Or you can tell us your application requirements, our professional sales team will give you the most sincere and proper suggestions.

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