The Development of Rubber Sheet

Rubber sheet is a common accessory in engineering and mining machinery and equipment. The main raw material of rubber sheet is rubber. Next let's take a look at the development history of rubber and rubber sheets.

In 1493, the great Spanish explorer Columbus led his team to set foot on the South American continent for the first time. Here the Spaniards saw Native American children and young men playing a game, singing and throwing small balls at each other. These balls bounced high on the ground and tasted sticky and smoky when held in the hand. The Spaniards also saw that the Indians put some white, thick liquid on their clothes to make them impermeable on rainy days; And apply the thick white liquid to your feet so that it won't get wet on rainy days. Thus, the Spanish had a preliminary understanding of the elasticity and water resistance of rubber, but did not really understand the origin of rubber.

In 1693, French scientist Laconda went to South America and saw the aboriginal people playing with this ball. Scientists and soldiers had different thinking and vision. After tracing the roots and investigating this ball, they learned that this ball was made by cutting down a kind of thick liquid that the Indians called "rubber".

In 1852, American chemist Gutyi was doing experiments, inadvertently put the container filled with rubber and sulfur on the fire, rubber and sulfur after hot flowing together, forming a block rubber, thus invented the rubber vulcanization method. This accidental act of Gutyi was a major invention in rubber manufacturing industry, which removed a major obstacle in the application of rubber and made rubber become an official industrial raw material from then on, thus making it possible for many industries related to rubber to flourish. Gutyi then made the world's first rubber waterproof shoes out of vulcanized rubber.

In 1888, the British Deng Lubian invented the tire, and began to produce cars in 1895. The rise of the automobile industry aroused the huge demand for rubber, and the price of rubber soared accordingly.

In 1915, the Dutch Hertun invented the rubber bud grafting method in Indonesia's Guawamauo Botanical Garden, so that good rubber tree clones can be propagated in large numbers.

Rubber is developing faster in the 21st century. The automobile industry drives the rubber industry, while the scarcity of resources and environmental requirements drive the use of recycled rubber. Aerospace science and technology put forward new and higher requirements for rubber.

Today, the use of rubber sheet is more and more widely, it is very important to choose a high-quality rubber sheet. You should check whether rubber sheet manufacturer has related certificates.

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