How to Maintain Industrial Rubber Sheet?

In recent years, the development of industrial rubber sheet is good, and very popular in construction industry. Industrial rubber sheet not only has good insulation performance, but also is suitable for long life name, beautiful shape, green and environmental protection. The construction requirements of rubber industrial sheet are very high, it should keep clean, smooth, and in the same direction when brushing. How should we maintain industrial rubber sheet?

First of all, our products have strict requirements on production quality control. There can not have a great error when choosing rubber sheet, so that you can ensure that there is a clock staggered in the process of paving. At present rubber is the main raw material, which is in line with the use of national standards of color, specifications, varieties. In addition, the bonding process should be done not open glue, not staggered, not overflowing glue.

So what should we pay attention to when using and how to protect it? We must note that when using it, we must not place some inflammable and easy pressing things on its surface. It is strictly prohibited to have welding and mixed paint on it. Because we are decorating when often can ignore its existence. In addition, when laying and sticking, we should control the problem of elastic wire. Before designing and sticking, we must pay attention to the strict design of elastic wire.

When we process and produce, if we find that there is a lack of glue in our products, we can consider several aspects without pouring. First check our weighing glue may not be very accurate, perhaps the temperature of the grinding tool is too high or he is not enough pressure, will lead to this situation. There is the glue liquidity is not good, the way to save is to smear special material on the surface of the glue or improve the accuracy of the quick training of the glue, to adjust its formula, the speed is appropriate to slow down a little.

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