How Can Insulation Rubber Sheet Material be Flame Resistant?

Insulation rubber sheet material manufacturers will talk about the combustion resistance of insulating rubber sheet, it refers to the ability of insulating materials to resist combustion when they contact the flame or to stop burning when they leave the flame.

With the increasing application of insulating materials, the requirements for its combustion resistance are more important. People improve and improve the combustion resistance of insulating materials through various means. The higher the resistance to combustion, the better the overall resistance.

Insulation rubber sheet is a material that can prevent electric current from passing through. Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 10 ~ 10Ω·m. With the rapid growth of the national economy and the rapid development of power generation, substation and motor industries, the insulation pipe market in China has been promoted during the period of great demand.

This has greatly accelerated the development of laminated laminated insulating sheets in China. At present, some products have reached a high level, especially composite insulating paper in the national record market has a strong competitiveness, has become the world's largest producer of insulating materials. Insulation materials are widely used in electrical and electrical appliances, electronic information, automobile, aerospace and other fields, and the corresponding insulation paint, insulating paper, insulating tube, insulating rubber board and other insulating materials development is also very considerable.

And in recent years, the innovative application of insulating materials has gradually become one of the key drivers for the implementation of sustainable energy solutions in China.

In recent years, China's domestic insulating material industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially compared with foreign manufacturers, there are more notable cost advantages.

With the continuous improvement of the technical level of domestic insulating material production enterprises, their share in the national record market is increasing day by day, and their competitiveness in the national record market is gradually improving.

Within the scope of the world, the layer (die) pressure insulation materials production enterprises are mainly insulation laminate manufacturers. China's insulating materials not only have significant advantages in the national records, but also promote the export of insulating materials such as insulating paint and insulating paper, and the development of foreign trade.

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