How Anti-static Rubber Sheet to achieve the Effect of Electrostatic Protection?

Anti - static rubber sheet is also known as anti - static rubber pad, electrostatic cover.

Characteristic of anti-static rubber sheet: Bright color, good wear resistance, with excellent anti - static, electrostatic conductivity properties. Antistatic indicator is 10^6-10^Ω, conductive electrostatic indicator is 10^1-10^6Ω.

Application of anti-static rubber pad: It can be used for laying floor and working table of computer room or punching washer.

Technical parameters of anti-static rubber sheet: Double structure rubber pad is made of light surface layer, conductive material for antistatic agent, bottom layer is black, conductive material for carbon black. Flat, non-crimp, free from moisture, effective resistance to denudation, chemicals and high temperature, easy to clean and maintain.

Application environment: Electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, integrated circuits, microelectronics industry, flammable and explosive goods storage and production workshops, all kinds of laboratories, server room, power distribution room, weak current room and other special ESD protection sites.

To reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazard, must be laid anti static radio pad/mat, after anti static rubber sheet spread well and grounding, electrostatic face will be the human body, make human body contact ESD tweezers and mesa, tools, equipment, instrument, etc. To achieve the basic uniform potential, make the electrostatic min feeling device (SSD) is not affected by triboelectrification electrostatic put phenomenon such as the wide steps with interference, so as to achieve the effect of electrostatic protective wrapping.

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