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CR or Chloroprene is a homopolymer of chloroprene or chlorobutadiene. Neoprene rubber sheet has excellent mechanical and abrasion properties even without reinforcing filters and has a reasonable resilience in grades over 60, No smell and good acid and alkali resistance, working in the liquid which contains 20% acid or alkali at the temperature of 30 centidegree below zero to 80 centidegree above zero, in oil media ( engine oil, derv , petrol, lubricating oil), with sealing and swelling resistance character.

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Neoprene rubber sheet is used where temperature resistance, oil resistance, flame resistance is required. Applied to punch all kinds of oil seals, airproof fittings, washers, work table and ground contacted with oil and grease, pavement for electronic places and apply to punch the gasket with all kinds of shapes and cover on the mechanical equipments.
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Value added services

1.Package — Packed in the plastic film then by Polywoven Bag or loaded onto the pallets (according to the customers’ requirements).

2.We can cut the rubber sheets into precise width or lengths by utilize flywheel and on-demand cutters to meet customers’ requirements.

3.The rubber sheets can be with 1 ply, 2 ply or 3 ply insertion.

4.Pallet: We can buy Non-fumigation pallets with the IPPC mark and European Standard pallets for customers. We also can provide Packing Declearance, which will work for Australian, European countries.

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